Furniture manufacture with showroom - Topoľčany

Project from october 2015 expands existing furniture manufacture by one production hall significantly larger than previous one. For a well established company like this it was a matter of honour to build headquarters of appropriate quality thus a brand new administration building has been added. It is located adjacent to new production hall with an old industrial chimney sticking out of it. It does not stand there for its sole existence- we utilize it as a bearing structure for winding stairs leading to humongous 2-bedroom appartment that exhibits the finest works of the company and their newest technological and design ideas. 

Administration is designed as timber structure. Most dominant exterior features are wooden sunshades bolted to inclined glulam columns which protect interior from aggresive summer sunrays. Moreover, the system of lamellas create distorted surface with excentrical focus that is visually enhancing main entrance.

place: Topoľčany, Slovakia

project: 2015

cooperation: Milan Csanda