New entrance space at municipal office - Komjatice

The original intensions of investor were only to insulate exterior walls, exchange windows and provide access for disabled - the last item on this list is usually considered obstruction for the design process. One rusty home-made ramp adjacent to backdoor would be enough to abide by law. But why not to make the best of this complication? 

Source of inspiration is not hard to find these days - all you need is to take a look at recently constructed public buildings. There are some grand examples of ramp-stairs hybrid to be seen all around the world these days. However, these constructions require considerable amount of space which was not the case of municipal office in Komjatice. It was about time to think about moving the entrance to side facade. Luckily, the reconstruction of toilets on a ground floor was also further part of the plan so the idea was approved without much hesitation. 

The new entrance is emphasized by glulam timber canopy and flagpoles.

location: Komjatice, Slovakia

project: 2015

cooperation: Milan Csanda