Village Flathouse - Type project

When someone mentions village, most people will imagine typical countryside settlement with detatched houses crowned by glable or hipped roof with barn and hennery making atmosphere in every second yard. Where silhouette is defined by lonely church tower, smelly inn and foootball pitch where local drunkards yell at opponents team every sunday after the mass. 
    But the process of urbanization did not miss our countryside completely. Municipalities invest in flats for rent, housing for economically challenged and you can also see private investments of this kind from time to time. 
    This type project is sectional appartment block with two stories and attic. There is a pair of three-bedroom flats on each regular story and a couple of two-bedroom lofts in attic. Every flat has its own balcony or terrace and small closet accesible from stair hall.

project: 2013

cooperation: Milan Csanda