Private International school - Bratislava

 This project was the final design studio project of my Master of architecture studies. My master thesis was supposed to be theoretical project for real organisation named Quality Schools International. At the time of development of this project they were using old building of former organisation Juventa. In fact, they were really planning to build a school of their own and already had an exclusive building site located on meadows at huge forest clearing. They have pupils of all ages beginning with 4-year-old kiddos and ending with 18-year-old adolescents with at least three language groups in all four age groups. Functional scheme of the complex was quite a challenge to create. I created four stories, each one dedicated to another age group, beginning with kindergadeners on the ground floor and with the age of pupils ascending with every floor. 
    Emphasis was also on schools sport facilities. Large gymnasium was bigger than sport halls in some smaller towns and smaller gym was greater than big gyms on majority of ordinary schools. If you also count in indoor swimming pool, you realise that area of sport grounds is that big that the school would not fit in on site if they were on same floor as classrooms. Therefore indoor sportgrounds were hidden under ground while outdoor facilities spread out on their roof. 
    The architectural composition of the school is truly heterogeneous, for quite many materials and colours can be seen on each facade. The variety of the outside form symbolises miscellaneous composition of schoolers and teachers that attend the school every onday to friday.

location: Bratislava

project: 2012

consultant: Henrich Pifko