Revitalisation of former brewery - Martin

This urban design studio project was supposed to test not only my urban design skills but even my ability to cooperate within a team. So the forces joined. Mine and those of my good friend, architect Juraj Talaš of Team-T. The proposed area of former Brewery in a town of Martin is located in the outskirt on the west-side of the city. Since the real city centre with pedestrian zone is located some 20-30 minutes walk and site surrounding is dwelling area, we decided to support living zone format with more housing and provide for inhabitants all necessary amenities,greenery and space for relax. We created an open urban space - a regular suburban centre.

The exact localion of the heart of our site was defined by existing infrastructure and course of stream that comes running down from the mountains and stretches its path through the centre of a town before surging into river Váh. Round-shaped central zone is surrounded by a belt of housing blocks in the north and by sport facilities in south. My digging obsession was satisfied - we managed to bury the central part under the surface and placed shops and other amenities in inner walls of artificial crater.

location of site: Martin, Slovakia
project: 2011
co-author: Juraj Talaš