Passive flathouse - type project

This design studio project was essentialy an experiment. In some research there were defined 13 attributes of energetically efficient architecture. My task was to find out whether it is possible to combine them all in one building. It was quite a challenge because few features were actually condtradicting each other.

Attributes are divided into three groups:

General principles
  • compactness
  • horizontality
  • natural materials
  • hidden heating system
Layout principles
  • efective layout
  • heating zones
  • thermal buffer zone
  • straight stair
Visual components
  • standalone self load-bearing construction
  • significant window area on southern facade
  • optimalised windows sizes and positions
  • sunshades
  • integrated solar systems

The result is flat house with two three-room flats, one two-room flat and one two-room flat with a gallery. Slighty modified form of the house can be also used as a unit of row housing.

project: 2011

cooperation: Robert Špaček, Lukáš Šíp