HHouse - Vráble

Project of house in a town of Vráble is the case when architect and investor had to find a compromise solution for roof shape. As usual - architect was for flat roof and investor for gable one. Obviously, final vote went for the shed roof that stretches outstandingly over the terrace. Metal sheet roofing is in strict contrast with white plaster of the facade. 
  The house consists of master bedroom, children bedroom, living zone and study with accessories. Eastern half of the house is dedicated to adults. Master bedroom with closet and bathroom is joint with winter garden. Living zone comprises of kitchen, dining and living room. In the summertime inhabitants can simply open curtain wall and extend their living space out into the garden. Western half of the house contains large children bedroom with an opportunity of dividing into two smaller rooms is the need arises, study, bathroom and technical room.

place: Vráble, Slovakia

project | completion date: 2014 / 2014-?

cooperation: Milan Csanda