DOMMM - Malý Lapáš

First from the series of houses in this tiny village to the east from Nitra is typical example of design that consists of two smaller houses. Working titles for this two parts were house for adults and house for children. In the house for adults you can find master bedroom with closet and bathroom and living area with kitchen and dining room. Stepping through the curtain wall zou will find yourself on a terrace with a nice view of the village. The house for children is pure nightzone of the house with rooms for children, guest bedroom, bathroom, toilet and technical room. 
   Both houses do not only have different layout but also different look. The adult part has shed roof with wooden siding above the parapet wall while the children part is covered with wooden flat roof. The common entrance is in between two of them and has a direct access to terrace. Due to sloping of the site the level of floor in children part is lower by one meter.

place: Malý Lapáš, Slovakia

project | construction: 2015 / 2015-?